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Traffic Reporter Veteran Launches National News Team

BRADENTON, FL (June 6, 2013) – Chuck Whitaker, the Co Founder of Metro Traffic and the one of nations most respected traffic reporters is proud to announce his latest venture, the National News Team.  The National News is the expansion and evolution of Whitaker’s exclusive Traffic Team Network, which provides real time traffic reports to the Florida and Maryland markets.

The NNT was created to fill a void in the market left by the national news providers scaling back operations and consolidating reporting to off site and out of market locations.  In addition, the NNT will provide news, weather, sports, and technology content in addition to his award winning traffic reporting.

Currently, The NNT serves to over 1.7 million listeners and growing. Nearly 50% of audience members are between 25 and 54, a key demographic typically lost in the shuffle of major urban advertising.

“I became enamored with this business growing up in the Baltimore and Washington, D.C. area and once I got my shot, I’ve never looked back,” Whitaker said. “I enjoy and appreciate the privilege to play a part in the daily life of so many people.”

The NNT maintains a local presence and relationships with police, fire and emergency responder personnel for each market it serves. Chuck and his handpicked team of broadcasters entrench themselves in the communities they’re privileged to serve, by providing great business content and connections, driving community service efforts and serving as a Central Beacon of news, traffic and weather updates for nearly 2 million listeners every day.

“The National News Team serves as ground zero in communities that mid-to-major markets tend to under serve,” Whitaker said. “We help unify the regular folks, the working day Americans by helping them navigate the ever changing traffic patterns, weather conditions and those natural and unnatural occurrences that can affect us all.”

The National News is prepared for National expansion using the proven market coverage reporting, the core success of the Traffic team network. Unlike other services in the marketplace with people reporting remotely on the traffic using scanners and weather reports, The NNT give reports in the market that live there, know the uniqueness of the neighborhoods and can report real time as weather and traffic changes.

“The belief you can sit in Miami and accurately report the traffic in Tampa is not the methodology of The NNT. Our goal is to provide the most up to date reporting possible,” said Whitaker.  “As we expand and grow we will be hiring experienced local broadcasters, producers and content providers from all across the nation to provide station with a larger news footprint. I’m happy to say our team is the best in the business, and most importantly, we have fun doing what we do bringing unmatched credibility to this important task every day.”

About National News Team:

The National News Team provides national scope, presence and best-in-science real-time traffic, news, weather, sports and technology content service to over 50 markets and counting. The National News Team broadcasts on over 50 of the highest rated radio and television stations reaching over 1.7 million listeners averaging 12 to 24 drive time reports per day via 42 radio and 3 television stations. The National News Team provides a complete and comprehensive message driving service, where you can reach any market from Florida to the Capital Beltway.

Civil Disturbances in Baltimore

Baltimore, MD (May 20, 2015) – Chuck Whitaker, president of america’s traffic network, was called upon by WCBM 680AM in Baltimore, to provide expert traffic information during the civil disturbances in May.

Many streets in Baltimore city were closed by the riots, and traffic became a nightmare for morning commuters into the city.

Mr. Whitaker’s expertise provided alternate routes, and “safe” travel for all residents in the area.

Mr. Whitaker relied on more than 45 years of experience reporting traffic conditions in Baltimore.

Working closely with city, state, and local authorities to provide options for drivers affected during the crisis.

Chuck Whitaker is widely regarded as the “dean of traffic reporting” in Baltimore.

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