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Chuck Whitaker is a rare gem in today’s displaced, “Tower of Babel” media world. From Johnny Unitas to Peyton Manning and Richard Nixon to Barack Obama – Chuck Whitaker has been helping people get to work, school, church and home again – one rush hour, one community at a time.

Riding shotgun with a microphone hanging out of traffic copters in the Baltimore-D.C. Beltway – on through to present day when he and his team of news, weather and traffic pros help commuters navigate throughways, surface streets and state roads throughout Florida, Baltimore and the D.C. Beltway. Whitaker leads The National News and Traffic Team bringing top technology and a national presence to markets he serves.

Whitaker and his team provide real-time information in radio and television format. Whitaker’s leadership and team of technicians help the police and fire and rescue teams get to an accident scene first.

Thanks to his experience and superb on-air presence and broadcasting shrewdness – Chuck and his handpicked team of broadcasters entrench themselves in the communities they’re privileged to serve, by providing great business content and connections, driving community service efforts and serving as a Central Beacon of “Town Criers” for nearly 1.7 million listeners every day. “America’s Traffic Network  serves as ground zero in communities that mid-to-medium and major markets tend to be undeserved,” Whitaker said. “We help unify the regular folks, the working day Americans if you will by helping them navigate ever changing traffic patterns, storms that can come off of each coast and the natural and unnatural occurrences that can affect us all – right away and in real time. And, I’m happy to say that our team is the best in the business; we have fun doing what we do and bring unmatched credibility to this important task every day.”

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