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Local To You


America’s Traffic Network is comprised of broadcasters, producers and team members who drive the same streets you do, frequent your eateries, stores and events. As we continue to build The National News and Traffic Team from Florida, the Capital Corridor and throughout each region we’re privileged to serve, a key requirement is hiring local broadcast and content production professionals who have a stake and are making a solid life in the communities they will be serving.

Why is this important? For the quality and credibility of the information we need to provide our audience every time they drive or are planning a trip – be it a 15-minute work commute or a vacation drive from Gainesville to West Palm Beach. America’s Traffic Network subject matter experts drive the same roads you’re going to take, they maintain relationships with local police, fire and EMS responders. It’s important we share a coffee and a story with these community allies on a regular basis. We know how to pronounce the street names and we also buy from local businesses.

America’s Traffic Network is also cognizant of the role the community plays for all of us. Yes, it’s an awesome privilege to be a real-time information source for towns, counties and regions where we serve. But, more than that – the National News Traffic Team is another example of how we’re all connected, doing our part to give more than we take, working together to better the place we all call home.

So – when we write and say we’re “Local To You” – we hope you’ll feel comfortable to reach out to us and be our eyes and ears. We want you to make comments and help us improve what we bring to our entire listening community, whether it’s helping children, saluting a military family, spreading the word about an organization or getting the word out about a new business.

After all – we are all connected – all 1.7 million of us, in some way or another.

Stay connected with us in your favorite flavor!