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Chuck Whitaker is a rare gem in today’s displaced, “Tower of Babel” media world.From Johnny Unitas to Peyton Manning and Richard Nixon to Barack Obama – Chuck Whitaker has been helping people get to work, school, church and home again – one rush hour, one community at a time.Beginning when he was 18 and riding shotgun with a microphone hanging out of traffic copters in the Baltimore-D.C. Beltway – on through to the present day when he and his team of News-Weather-Traffic pros help commuters navigate throughways, surface streets and state roads throughout Florida, Baltimore and D.C. Beltway Whitaker leads The America’s Traffic Network U.S. by bringing Best-In-Science Technology and a national presence to markets we serve.Whitaker and his team provide the most current, real-time information a radio and television format. Thanks to Whitaker’s leadership and team of technicians, The America’s Traffic Network U.S. is out front helping Police, Fire and Rescue get to an accident scene first.

Thanks to his experience, superb on-air presence and broadcasting shrewdness – Chuck and his handpicked team of broadcasters entrench themselves in the communities they’re privileged to serve – by providing great business content and connections, by driving community service efforts and by serving as a Central Beacon of “Town Criers” for nearly 1.7 million listeners every day. “America’s Traffic Network U.S. serves as ground zero in communities that mid-to-medium and major markets that tend to be underserved,” Whitaker said. “We help unify the regular folks, the working day Americans if you will by helping them navigate ever changing traffic patterns, the storms that can come off of each coast and the natural and unnatural occurrences that can affect us all – right away and in real time. And, I’m happy to say that our team is the best in the business; we have fun doing what we do and bring unmatched credibility to this important task every day.”


Peter Martin is the President of Cactus Sky Communications; a company that helps businesses acquire, manage and retain customers online. He has leveraged over 27 years of sales and marketing experience to become a business leader, speaker, writer and trainer focused on email and online marketing. He is a digital marketing expert nationally recognized as the “web doc” and is ABC 7 News Technology Correspondent. He provides technology advice, website reviews and product news via the web and also as part of America’s Traffic Network a syndicated radio and television network.The web doc currently has over 20,000 followers on Twitter and Peters Monday Motivational are read weekly by thousands of subscribers nationwide. His first book will be released this year titled Monday Motivationals.Peter is the Co-Founder of ADT Automotive Digital Training and web based platform that provides Digital Marketing and Sales Training to the Auto Industry. Cactus Sky is recognized as one of the premier email marketing companies in the country because of its ability to deliver email through SPAM filters and track the recipients’ actions (clicks) which provides its clients with an unprecedented marketing advantage.

The company’s ASM methodology incorporated into the Pot of Gold Program provides drill-down email campaigns with specific communications, based on the recipient’s interests, and has helped double internet closing ratios for dealers. Peter brings new marketing innovations to the industry such as eReputation, which leverages the companies email deliverability expertise to generate online reviews.

Bob Albert brought 25 years of reporting, news, weather and traffic experience with him from stops at stations of most every format – be it rock, news-talk, sports-talk, country and pop. Bob has honed his craft in Atlanta, Chicago, Southern Georgia – as well as Fort Myers and Fort Lauderdale along the way. He summarizes his key contributions for America’s Traffic Network during his near 10 year run as follows…“I make the news, traffic and weather information very clear and concise for our listeners,’ Albert said. “I picture my mother – or anyone’s mother – out there behind the wheel. They don’t need to be searching for a terminology dictionary or sorting through cute phrases to get where they need to go; if I want to let them know that it’s time to slow down – I make it clear and simple.”

Trevor Joe Lennon has worked as a morning drive radio personality, production coordinator and sales-marketing leader for radio stations throughout New York State, Daytona Beach, FL and most recently in the Tampa, FL marketplace.Presently, Lennon drives awareness and revenue-generating program solutions and sponsorship opportunities for America’s Traffic Network throughout Florida, Baltimore and D.C. Capital Beltway.Trevor also produces commercial spots and can be heard on his own global web-radio program every morning from 9-to-11 a.m.

Tom Frawley brings over 35 years of broadcast, radio, and television experience to the team. At America’s Traffic Network he works to connect your brand with exclusive content that the commuting consumer is searching for: traffic, news, weather and sports.  He leads the team in media management, digital solutions, venue marketing platforms locally, regionally and nationally with marketing and sales opportunities.
Previously, Tom has worked as a general sales manager, local sales manager, and regional sales manager at companies including Genesis Communications, Sinclair Broadcast Group, CBS Radio, and Cox Communications.

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