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Webodc on the View

Webodc on the View

America's Traffic Network can provide syndicated content.To inquire about rates and avalability contact us.

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Market Coverage

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  • Traffic

    We provide national scope, presence and best-in-science Real-Time Traffic content service to over 50 markets and counting.

  • News

    We can deliver the latest local and national news for your local market customized to your station

  • Sports

    With Us – you are part of the Content as our Audience Tunes In Specifically for Up-To Date Sports Highlights.

  • Weather

    Real time local weather forecasts and warnings customized for you station and listeners.

  • Technology

    Peter “webdoc” Martin, brings you the latest in breaking technology news for both business and consumer.

America's Traffic Network provides national real-time traffic, news, weather, sports and technology content. Currently, serving an audience of over 1.7 million listeners and growing. Nearly 50% of audience members are between 25 and 54, a key demographic typically lost in the shuffle of major urban advertising.

America's Traffic Network continues to grow hiring experienced local broadcasters, producers and content providers from all across the nation to provide your station with a larger news footprint. Serving small to mid-size markets, The Nation News and Traffic Team maintains local presence and relationships with police, fire and emergency responder personnel for each market it serves. Simply put, America's Traffic Network Team provides your station with comprehensive local content fully integrated to showcase your now expanded News Team.

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